With the Mini labo pop-up store in our boutique until the 5th July, we wanted to learn a little more about Mini labo.


And since we are curious, especially when it comes to interiors, they have kindly shared some photos of their homes and answered our questions.

What inspired you to start working in this field?

Caroline : As a child I drew everything that was going on inside my head. On the corner of paper table cloths, my books, my notebooks.. nothing was safe from my pens!

Céline : For me too, designing, graphic design was always I was drawn to. Ever since secondary school I couldn’t really see myself doing anything else!

chez céline 3Photo: Hisashi Tokuyoshi

Tell us about your working process. When you are working on a new product or collection, how do you work?

Céline  : When I’m looking at creating something new, a new product, I always start by mentally visualising it. If an image doesn’t come to me, I start looking through the product proposal or I ask questions to really identify what the client is asking for.

Caroline : It all depends on what it is and for whom! With certain editors, there are long discussions on the wherefore and why and in particular how.  Different avenues are explored and then abandoned before we get to an obvious answer, a final version that we all agree on. I don’t consider it wasted time, it the time necessary to bring it to fruition.

What is your idea of a perfect working day?

Caroline : It’s a day where I can design without being interrupted by a hundred mundane things.

Céline : The perfect day can start badly but finish with a job completed, sent off and validated with a great compliment from our client!

Where do you work from and what does it look like?

Our design studio is in a courtyard in the 11th arrondissement, it’s calm and on the top floor. It’s like a little apartment under the eaves with a small kitchen, windows looking out over the roofs, we can hear the birds.

Just like at home, we have meetings at a big table with old school chairs around it and the decor reflects Mini labo’s style.

chez céline 2

Photo: Hisashi Tokuyoshi

Does your home resemble your work? Do you use your own designs in your home?

Our homes are a bit like a Mini labo showroom. Our designs are everywhere; our tableware, tea towels and our chocolate in the kitchen, in the office, our paper goods and boxes, our cushions and hanging lamps in the living room and our towels in the bathroom..

chez caro 1

chez caro 4

Styling: Wilma Custers
Photo: Renee Frinking

Who are you’re the people that have inspired you or what are your design inspirations?

Our inspiration doesn’t come from just one person or type of work in particular.

It’s a accumulation of images and sensations collected during our travels, through things we’ve read, exhibition that we’ve seen, music we’ve listened to..

chez céline 1

Photo: Hisashi Tokuyoshi

Which are your 3 favourite shops in Paris (or elsewhere!)?

For clothes it’s So We Are , 40 rue de Charonne (11e), where you find a beautiful  selection of clothes and Hélène and Magali’s great advice.

For homeware, La Trésorerie (11 rue du Château d’eau, 10e) which has just opened, overflowing with great finds for the kitchen, household linens and housekeeping products under a big skylight. Impossible to resist.

For foodies like us, our favorite delicatessen is Maison Castro which sells a section of products from the best artisan producers and a daily choice of delicious sandwiches.

The other plus is that these Castro brothers are a lot younger and more pleasant than the ones in Cuba! 15 bis rue de Parodi 10e,  9 rue Cadet 9e,  47 rue des Moines 17e

What is the object that is most precious to you, and why?

chez caro 3

Styling: Wilma Custers
Photo: Renee Frinking

Caroline : A collection of photo booth photos that started when my daughters were born. Each year, for 16 years we have posed as a family in the magic booth. It’s always great fun and I love seeing how we have all changed through the images.

Céline : My bicycle. It’s not that it’s that precious, but it’s indispensable to get around. I don’t drive!

What are your favourite books / blogs / music at the moment?

Céline  : At the moment I’ve got “1973″ on repeat.

Caroline : Sarah Vaughan and “Book of Longing” – Leonard Cohen’s poems set to music by Philip Glass – bewitching.

If you were a food / recipe, what would it taste like?

It would be a mixture of cherry tart, cream, pineapple, turkey with truffles, nougat – a Lewis Carroll style magic potion.

chez caro 2

Styling: Wilma Custers
Photo: Renee Frinking

Is the glass half full or half empty?

The glass is half full with a label that says “Drink me”!

Any exciting plans for Mini labo?

Les Gamettes & Mazet

New designs for Mazet, the confectionner. A new chair for Les Gambettes and a new collection with lots of new products for Atomic soda!

With each new season we have to reinvent ourselves whilst retaining the essence of Mini labo. It’s both difficult and exciting!

Thanks to Mini labo for the interview!

You can find the collection of Mini labo for the Collection Editions wallpaper here.