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rosa mosa… About them and their products

We appreciate rosa mosa and their simple and artistic products Salzburg born Simone Springer and Yuji Mizobuchi from Kyoto are the designers behind this label. They met and began collaborating while studying Footwear and Accessory design at the Cordwainers college in London. rosa… Continue Reading →

We love the Tiles Patterned wallpaper by Louise Body

We’re big fans of Instagram at the Collection (by the way, our Instagram is here!) because it is such a great source of visual inspiration. Not only can we keep up with our favourite designers but we just love seeing… Continue Reading →

State of Flow – patterned wallpapers by Lene Toni Kjeld

At the Collection we are, of course, big fans of wallpaper of all kinds! None more so than one of our best-selling collections, State of Flow, the highly successful and extremely original patterned wallpaper by Lene Toni Kjeld. Toni is… Continue Reading →

My heart missed a beat when I discovered Zanat earlier this year…

My heart missed a beat when I discovered Zanat earlier last year… and I’m delighted to be selling  a part of their collection. The Story of Zanat “It takes a tremendous amount of history to make even a little tradition.”—Henry… Continue Reading →

Pop Tea Towels for Christmas

As we come to the end of 2016, we’re all starting to think about little gifts for our loved ones. I’ve always been a serious Bowie and Prince fan and we’ve been selling the Icon tea towels from Bold and… Continue Reading →

Transform your bathroom with the help of a few accessories

If your bathroom is need of an update, but you dont have the budget for a full renovation, the Collection Blog is going to show you how you can transform your bathroom with the help of a few decorative accessories…. Continue Reading →

Set of serving trays and chopping boards by Simon Kampfer

Sometimes chopping boards, sometimes serving trays the Naga series  designed by Simon Kampfer for Zilio Aldo can be used throughout the day and will always look chic and elegant due to the light maple wood it is made from. The… Continue Reading →

Photo and Drawing Holder

the Collection Blog loves this photo and drawing holder by Atelier d’Exercices (€50), a very clever way of displaying your drawings or photos.  A wonderful gift for someone or to keep for yourself, it’s a very chic way to present… Continue Reading →

A pretty decanter to enhance your table

There is nothing nicer on a table than an pretty decanter for your juice or water.  Whether you offer a trendy one such as the Parrot decanter (€35.90)or a crystal one from Baccarat, they are both just as lovely and bring… Continue Reading →

Porcelain pearl hot plate by Konstantin Slawinski

Who said a pretty, well presented meal table was already halfway to a successful dinner? Pretty plates, well placed cutlery, beautiful clean glasses, a linen napkin for a summer table and a glass carafe (more stylish than a plastic bottle!) and… Continue Reading →

Candle holders and Tea lights

Here at the Collection Blog we love the light given off by a single tea light in a candle holder. The set de 4 bag lights Raumgestalt (9.70 €) is a delightful composition of 4 small paper bags that you can… Continue Reading →

Retro light bulbs bring more than just light

The trend in recent years has been to not only show off beautiful lighting but also to show off just the light bulb.  These retro/vintage lightbulbs are more than just a source of light, a few that really stand out… Continue Reading →

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