Renovation project

Inke vintage patterned wallpaper

We’ve been successfully selling children’s wallpapers from Inke for a number of years but it seems that now is a… Continue Reading →

Renovation part 10

The renovation work is advancing well, the metal grills have been placed on the balcony. The underfloor heating has been… Continue Reading →

Renovation part 13

The renovation continues with the oak flooring having been delivered and the workmen busy laying a cork underlay which will… Continue Reading →

Renovation part 12

Only one month to go until the removal vans arrive.  The renovation work is progressing but there is still a… Continue Reading →

Renovation Part 11

Now for the garden renovation. After a day of many phone calls, the grass has finally arrived! We received 5… Continue Reading →

Renovation part 03

The renovation project is advancing quickly and everyone’s delighted. Part 3 of our ‘House Renovation’ series… Back to home page

Renovation part 02

Part 2 of our ‘House Renovation’ series Back to home page

Renovation part 01

In these uncertain times, many of us have a tendency to stagnate: to put plans on hold, not to take… Continue Reading →