Passionate about wallpaper, we love how you can completely change the whole feel of a room by adding wallpaper. You can see some of our favorites here on Pinterest.

We are really very proud of the large selection of wallpapers and wall decoration that we offer, and we are constantly looking for new designs and ideas. Nevertheless, it’s true that it’s not always easy to imagine what a wallpaper will look like in place. Here are some examples using some of our best-sellers. They are client’s projects and it gives us great pleasure to share them with you.

Studio Ditte Tiles chez AllisonMaximum trompe d’oeil effect with this Tiles wallpaper by Studio Ditte used on a chimney breast.


Mini labo patchwork clair chez Allison Patchwork Light wallpaper by Mini labo for the Collection Editions used in a corner dining area


Patchwork foncé chez AllisonLeft : Trompe l’oeil wallpaper Genuine Fake Bookshelves by Deb Bowness
Right : Patchwork Dark wallpaper byMini labo for the Collection Editions

Project by Delphine Guyart / Ma déco pour tous

A new ‘chic and modern family’ project using the Transitional wallpapers by Lene Toni Kjeld.

Coin lecture réalisé avec le papier-peint évolutif Leaf par L

“This project involved remodeling an appartment in the Paris area. The clients wanted to personalise the living room / dining room, decorate the kitchen walls, give some personality to the long corridor / entrance hall and create a reading corner in a room that was underused.

Whilst keeping everything modern and adding colour and warmth.”

Coin lecture réalisé avec le papier-peint évolutif Leaf par L

Coin lecture réalisé avec le papier-peint évolutif Leaf par L

You can see all the information about the whole project in the “le coin des grands” section on their website, here.

And last but not least, a project created by Natalia Gomez Angelats of Un paseo por el parque, a pizzeria, La Tremenda in Barcelona. Natalia used  3 dimensional wallpaper Ripple by Mio for the ceiling, flooring by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina and tiles by D-Tile.