We are very well know for our unique selection of wallpaper and we are also extremely proud of our own label wallpaper collection produced under the name the Collection Editions.

Wallpaper adds colour, texture and can create a wonderful focal point in a room. But one’s ideals shouldn’t be limited to covering walls!

We invited four of our favourite bloggers to show us their creative side and share their ideas with us. We hope it will inspire you with new ideas for creating your own projects with the new Mini labo for the Collection Editions wallpapers


Karine from MademoiselleDeco decorated a young boy’s bedroom using the new collection of wallpapers, re-interpreting a construction site theme.

A crane, digger and hot air balloon along with the vintage style flowers in coordinating colours create an interesting and amusing crossover between a very ‘boyish’ theme and old fashioned floral motifs.




Designed to help as a first step in the gentle transition from baby’s room to ‘big bed’ – replacing the cosy cot with a playful, familiar and reassuring landscape around the new bed.

Inspired by the simple graphic style in a book on building sites, Karine used the Peony and Pop wallpapers to create the designs.

Marion Alberge

The Strawberry wallpaper in red and black was chosen by Marion Alberge,interior designer,  stylist adn blogger to add a special something to these storage boxes.

We love re-purposing furniture with wallpaper. Imagine the impact that a huge bookcase backed with each of the different wallpapers in each shelf space!

Here is a selection of our favour ideas.


Samuel from lesculottescourtes flew off in a totally different direction with a kite!


He used the Patchwork Dark wallpaper to create it.

mamie boude mobiele minilabo 2pp-800

This is the work of Guillaume and LisaLou of mamieboude who took their inspiration from origami and lightness to creat a mobile using the Patchwork Dark wallpaper.

Visit their blog to see the how-to tutorial for making this mobile.

mamie boude mobiele minilabo pp-800

An here is one more idea that we love…a made to measure lampshade for the Klimoppe wall lamp made from the Strawberry wallpaper.

Snowpuppe Lampe shade We can’t wait to see you ideas!