lampe-cage-a-oiseaux-voliere-de-mathieu-challieresNo need to spend a fortune on your interior when its known that choosing a good light is almost 50% of the way towards a beautiful interior.

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend on decoration, it’s often bold (and usually successfully) to combine designer lighting with furniture from the big stores.

ikea-ps-armoire-metallique-bleuFor example opt for the PS blue cabinet from Ikea and add a lovely creation like the Bird Cage table lamp by Mathieu Challieres and the whole ambience of the room is changed.

If the hallway to your house or apartment is too narrow for even the smallest of shelves, why not leave your walls blank and add a losuspension-emperor-s-lamp-design-dessertvely pendant light such as the Flocked Emperors light, the intention is that we see it but we dont see it.  When you walk into the hallway your eyes are focussed onto the light and you immediately forget the narrowness and faults of the hallway.  You might even be able to increase your budget since it’s the only thing you need to buy!

Another trick – even if the space is very narrow you could also consider, as well as your designer light, to decorate the wall with some photos.  Thanks to the Ikea Ribba shelves and some Ribba photo frames, fixed along the entire length of the wall, you can display your favourite pictures and your hallway is transformed without having to spend too much money.