We are very happy to announce that we will be showcasing the new designs by Little Owl Design at the Collection pendant during September.

Bruce Wayland and Marcello De Simone met in Amsterdam and formed Little Owl Design in 2009. Bruce moved from New York City in 2007, and Marcello moved to Amsterdam from Lecce, Italy in 1992.

Their respective backgrounds in art history/culinary arts and fine arts/apparel designs, are the foundations from which the two draw inspiration for their work. These very different histories have proved a perfect creative match, and the resulting designs reflect their many interests.

The Dutch Sky wallpaper, launched in September 2012 blends contemporary and vintage, in this case  digital photography, and 18th C etchings.

The skies of Holland which have inspired so many artists through the centuries was the focus of this series of three designs. Using their own photographs, and layering them with etchings bought at markets in The Netherlands, the wallpaper is a modern homage to the ever changing skies above their home town.

Their latest wallpaper is titled Herbarium, and based on the 19th C botanical albums Bruce and Marcello have been collecting.

Drawn to the beauty of the dried plant specimens and the patterns they create, the designs that have resulted are modern, and full of the very personal touches that drew the designers to the albums from the start.

They have also produced a series of prints based on the same botanical specimens, 21 prints in all  on aquarelle paper.

In the series Altered Perspectives Marcello and Bruce create the artworks by combining paintings on canvas with ceramics, and in the process literally ‘altering the perspective’ of the paintings.

The images on the plates add to the visual play between the two mediums. Each set is a unique work.

Working in their studio in Amsterdam the duo select from their collection of vintage plates and paintings bought at various markets in France, Belgium, and Holland.

New work by Little Owl Design at the Collection during September 2013.