We are really thrilled to be able to show you the results of our collaboration with Mini Labo.

Mini Labo are a trio of very talented graphic designers based in Paris – Caroline Diaz, Céline Héno & Sophie Adary.

Mini Labo

Over the last 10 years they have created a huge range products with lots of different brands; home and fashion accessories, from children’s products to table ware – it seems that their is nothing they can’t add their joyous, colourful retro-inspired style to !

IMG_107  IMG_093  IMG_144

For their 10 year anniversary, Mini Labo worked with the Collection to produce a series of six new wallpapers.

Patchwork ‘Light’ and Patchwork ‘Dark’ are a joyful celebration of ten years of graphic design from the Mini Labo studio.

patchwork dark_72dpi     patchwork light 2_72dpi

Strawberries, Peonies and Pop are single motifs.

Fraisiers   pivoines

pop bleu   pop citron

Mini Labo also decided to work on a whole range of new products in collaboration with their other favourite (mainly French) brands; Clotaire, Les Gambettes, Mazet, Milh, Moutet, Tattyoo, Titlee, Vanina Escoubet and to host a pop-up store to celebrate. Along with all of these products there was a cafe and creative workshops.


IMG_260  IMG_253  IMG_162 IMG_222 We were so proud to be part of their event and help them celebrate the fruit of all their hard work. IMG_117 The Mini Labo pop-up store is now online  and you can buy the wallpapers on the Collection site here. Visit the Mini Labo blog to read more about their collaborations and projects. Photos : Fred Perrot

IMG_112_200 IMG_111_200 IMG_108_200