A great start to the year with loads of press for the Collection!

Le Journal de la Maison : February 2014    Bowl from Reversed Volumes by PCM
Art & Décoration : January 2014   White Wood Panelling trompe l’oeil wallpaper par Studio Mold
Avantages : Febuary 2014    Snowflake hot water bottle by Catherine Tough
Famili – February – March 2014    Baby elephant – vintage wallpaper by Inke
Maisons Cosy : January – February 2014    Wallpaper Meadow Grass Green designed by Little Owl
Marie Claire Maison : February – March 2014   Porcelain plates wallpaper by Studio Ditte
                              Prima Maison : February 2014        Marilyn panel by Tracy Kendall                                                                                                                                         White planks trompe l’oeil wallpaper by Studio Mold
A Vivre : January – February 2014      Dove waste paper bin by Tomoko Azumi
                Mon Jardin et ma Maison : Feb 2014     Vertigo lamp by Constance Guisset                                                                                                             Lace transitional wallpaper by Lene Toni Kjeld
Femme Actuelle : 27 Jan – 2 Feb 2014     Trompe l’oeil wallpaper Vintage Bookshelves by Studio Mold