In these uncertain times, many of us have a tendency to stagnate: to put plans on hold, not to take risks……to wait and see…….

but not my friend Ginette, who has an amazing energy for taking on ambitious residential projects and driving them through to completion. – usually in record time.

Ginette has a real talent for taking sad, dilapidated old buildings and magically transforming them into beautiful spaces we all want to live in.

She’s just about to start another major creative project and I was delighted when she agreed to share her progress with us, week by week, on the Collection blog.


Ginette and her husband Raoul have just purchased a small old house in a western suburb, about 15 kilometres from the centre of Paris. She’s planning to extend the house, upwards and outwards at the rear (into a secluded garden) and the result will be a beautiful, practical, contemporary home for her husband and four daughters.


Ginette is always very decisive and a real visionary – she saw immediately what she could do with this space. She drew up the plans herself and has even  planned the garden. An adept at finding fantastic deals on Le Bon Coin (the French equivalent of Ebay), she’s already purchased the furniture and put it into storage.

Work starts this week and she’s planning to finish by June. So watch this space. In the meantime, here are some photos of the existing house before the demolition begins.

IMG_7547 IMG_5824IMG_7540IMG_7539IMG_5812 IMG_5805 IMG_7544 IMG_7542 IMG_5801 IMG_5794 IMG_5817