The renovation project is advancing quickly and everyone’s delighted.

Part 3 of our ‘House Renovation’ series…

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Ginette has already thought through the interior of the new house and has decided that the predominant colours will be red, white and black/grey.

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The bathrooms will be tiled in these colors and there will also be some trompe l’oeil wallpaper used to give a 3D effect.

Ginette has already sourced lots of objects on Le Bon Coin  – some 70’s wall lights and pendant lights for instance.

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In the living room, the plan is to create a ‘lofty’ feel so there’ll be a wall of old bricks on one long wall and the floor will be covered in a grey, marbled linoleum.

Briquettes et lino

Ginette has also sourced some old 19 century gates taken from a chateau (Le Bon Coin again) and she’ll use these to create a balcony on the first floor, at the front of the house.

Grilles anciennes chau0302teau 2 Grilles anciennes chau0302teau

The local authority want the front house to mimic traditional houses in the area, but the family will make the rear of the house look more modern – with a zinc roof, a large open living space and aluminum bay windows.

Ginette and her husband love to travel and they brought a lot of leather from their travels in Argentina. Ginette will re-cover 3 bridge chairs with the leather. The chairs are destined for the future office which will be enclosed by large iron artists windows.

Paires de fauteuil bridge Cuir argentin pour bridge