Now for the garden renovation.

After a day of many phone calls, the grass has finally arrived!

Réception 5 palettes de pelouse (130 m2)

Delivery of 5 palettes of turf (130m2)

We received 5 pallets of turf  (130m2), and then added three truckloads of soil (in all, 15 tons of earth). Copious amounts of watering and everything should take root.


Rouleaux avant pose

The rolls of turf before laying them (1)

Rouleaux avant pose 2

Rolls of turf before laying them (2)

Début de la pose

Starting to lay the grass

Eclairage au sol

Installing the lighting

Pelouse posée 1

A job well done (1)

Pelouse posée 2

A job well done (2)