The renovation is really advancing well, as you can see from the photos, and the structural changes to the house are almost complete.

Ouverture de la trémie pour l'escalier

The ground floor ceiling has been opened to make way for a new staircase up to the first floor and a new floor is about to be laid in what will be the bedrooms.

Le plancher est ferraillé avant de couler la chape

Preparations are underway to lay the cement floor.

Construction du plancher à l'étage

New floor on the first floor

The two ground floor spaces are reunited by another staircase

Pose de l'escalier entre les 2 maisons

Staircase between the two ground floor levels

The two photos below give us a good idea of the work as a whole.

Vue de l'extension

Rear extension

Début de l'élévation

First floor elevation in progress


Charpente du futur salon

The rear extension will become the living area.

Escalier intérieur au RDC

Internal staircase on the ground floor which unites the new living space with the old










Elévation de la maison ancienne

Front elevation with new roof structure

Pose de la nouvelle charpente

The new roof structure







Over the next few days the traditional roof for the front elevation will be tiled and then the team will move onto the rear elevation to tile the extension roof in zinc tiles.

Vue de la façade et du début de décapage des briques autour des fenêtres

Front elevation  – the windows are being removed to make way for new replacements.