edison-squirrel-cage-filament-light-bulb-17-anchors-p1448-11942_imageThe trend in recent years has been to not only show off Vintage-classique-étoilé-LED-Edison-ampoule-E14-E27-3-W-110-V-220-V-G80-Coffee.jpg_350x350beautiful lighting but also to show off just the light bulb.  These retro/vintage lightbulbs are more than just a source of light, a few that really stand out are the Ferrowatt Bulb and classic lightbulb LED Edison E14/E27 (10,86€).

lampe Pickle

Pickle Light

These retro light bulbs can become a decorative object when they are suspended from the ceiling on a simple NUD copper socket or put inside an original glass jar such as the pickle light.


NUD copper light