Yesterday Karla sent me some photographs she’d taken of our wallpaper used for the interior of a beautiful new shop in the Marais.

La Fée Maraboutée has just just opened on the Rue Vieille du Temple in the Marais. There are some beautiful clothes on display and the architect selected our ‘Some British Birds‘ wallpaper for the interiors.

This wallpaper consists of hundreds of British birds drawn by the musician and artist Edwyn Collins. Edwyn Collins’ music is part of my youth! He’s the Scottish musician and songwriter who started in a band called Orange Juice and after a few years with a solo career, gained worldwide recognition with the song ‘A Girl Like You’ in the 1990’s. If you’re still not sure who I’m talking about, have a listen here.

In 2005 Edwyn suffered two strokes which left him paralyzed on one side. As part of a plan to regain his mobility he started drawing birds. This was no mean feat given that he had to draw with his left hand, having lost control of his right hand after the strokes.  Luckily for us, Edwyn’s friend Katja from Elli Popp saw the potential in the bird drawings and developed them into a series of wonderful wallpapers. When I look at these wallpapers I see the work of a man with talent and courage – a man who didn’t give up.

It’s wonderful to know that Edwyn is making music again and is also performing live. Edwyn Collins and Katja Behr – thank you! You make my heart sing!