How to hang patterned wallpaper

Customers often ask us for advice on how to paste up wallpaper and we thought it would be fun to show you a video we spotted on the website of the English brand, House of Hackney. The video is really… Continue Reading →

Renovation part 10

The renovation work is advancing well, the metal grills have been placed on the balcony. The underfloor heating has been installed and in the garden the plants have been planted and the watering system installed.

Renovation part 13

The renovation continues with the oak flooring having been delivered and the workmen busy laying a cork underlay which will absorb the sound. The painters have begun putting colour on the walls of the bedrooms and the cement tiles are… Continue Reading →

Renovation Part 11

Now for the garden renovation. After a day of many phone calls, the grass has finally arrived! We received 5 pallets of turf  (130m2), and then added three truckloads of soil (in all, 15 tons of earth). Copious amounts of… Continue Reading →

Renovation part 7

That’s it, the big structural work is finished! There are just two interior concrete staircases to finish. The tiled roof is completely finished. The two extension roofs are about to be covered in zinc and the drainpipes have been fitted…. Continue Reading →

Renovation part 03

The renovation project is advancing quickly and everyone’s delighted. Part 3 of our ‘House Renovation’ series…

Renovation part 02

Part 2 of our ‘House Renovation’ series

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