porte-manteaux-design-en-perles-de-bois-snakeWith regards to organisation and storage, we can admit without shame that all parents are faced with the problem of “chaos and total disorder” in the bedrooms of our little princes and princesses. So to overcome the dirty socks lying around and toys everywhere, we need to instil some basic rules from an early age …

Begin by installing clothes hangers (75 €) at their height, more fun and easier to use, although it can take longer, we let them hasac-multi-usages-just-a-bag-par-raphael-charlesng their coat, by THEMSELVES. Also installed in the entrance hall are baskets to store their shoes which will help them practice putting all their dress up clothes away,  small cars, etc….. Finally, its the same in their rooms, we opt for easy to use storage, such as baskets (58 €) or toy boxes (152 €) for all that Lego, dolls, toy cars and games …

petit-coffre-tabouret-pour-enfants-flapjack-par-sebastian-bergne-Always keep in mind that autonomy is acquired after lots and lots of patience (both paternal and maternal) but you can be sure that you will overcome!

Good luck and good shopping !!!!

Snake clothes hanger – Dimensions: L280 cm
Just a bag by Charles Raphael, 100% Felt – Dimensions: cm D32xH60
Small shoebox FlapJack by Sébastien Bergne, also available in large size – Dimensions: cm L36,5xP30xH30