We automatically think of putting wallpaper on our walls but here are some other projects using wallpaper.

Below is a fairly large scale project from my own home: These cupboards are used for coats and shoes in our hallway. Its a project I did nearly four years ago and the cupboards still look good despite very heavy use.

The cupboards are the PAX range from IKEA. I bought them with IKEA hinges but without the doors, so they weren’t expensive.

I then had doors cut to size in MDF at my local DIY store and before mounting them onto the cupboards, gave them a coat of white matt emulsion.

I then cut up strips of our ‘Scrapwood’ wallpaper in all three shades and pasted them on horizontally, in a haphazard way. I even left gaps which are difficult to see.

There you have it – customized cupboards!

Here is another example of doors covered in wallpaper. I took this photo in the ladies toilets at the Design Museum in London. Its the adhesive border from Custhom, that you can find on our online shop, applied to the toilet doors! I thought it looked great.

Below is a photo of an old mirror decorated with one of our hand-painted adhesive borders designed by paper maché artists Les Farfelus Farfadets.


Here is a photo taken by my colleague Guyonne in her kitchen. She pasted our ‘Plates’ wallpaper on the inside of her black open-out kitchen cupboards.

Make your own coathook with a piece of MDF, some simple wooden knobs and a striking piece of our Ribbon wallpaper.