Geoffrey Fisher is a designer / craftsman based in Buckinghamshire. All his products are designed, made and packaged by himself in his High Wycombe workshop, he cuts all the wood he uses, which comes from local forests. His idea is to create simple but beautiful objects that re-use, rather than produce waste.

Geoffrey’s work takes as a basis the natural elements found in the woods to create beautiful and durable objects. As each “trook” (the natural forks created by the trees as they are developed) is truly unique, each of its objects is also unique. Using traditional woodworking techniques, he transforms twigs and branches of surrounding forests into a collection of hooks that have become table brooms, whistle brushes, catapults and skipping ropes.
Rich of their natural texture, each object is as pleasant to see as to use, as they are functional.


A modern take on a traditional toy from Geoffrey Fisher. The natural irregularities in the materials used and the meticulous handcrafting process combine to ensure that each individual catapult is like no other.


We fell in love with Geoffrey Fisher’s skipping ropes when we spotted them in London earlier this year. Individually handmade, this clever take on the skipping rope features solid wooden handles and ropes in an assortment of colours.